Join The Best Life Community 

An membership experience filled with setting and achieving business goals, learning mindset strategies, marketing/branding masterclasses, small group coaching, within an intimate community with myself, Cameo.

In the membership, we'll go deeper in three areas:




Learn to strategize, plan, implement and achieve your goals. Cameo will help you create goal action plans with monthly action steps and keep you accountable.




Learn how to consistently  achieve your goals while maintaining a focused mindset and a balanced career and personal/family life.




Learn how to make money or how to sell more & make more money from your business with marketing and branding strategies.

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and feel alone as it relates to your business goals. To wish you were surrounded by other like-minded goal setters to help you remain consistent and accountable. 


Over the past four years, I've gone the process of releasing my inner greatness, putting my goals first and I'm now living my best life. Is everything in my life perfect? No, but I am consistently making gains towards my goals while maintaining a balanced life.


If you're a entrepreneur, creative or  business owner who desires community, accountability, goal setting strategies, want to live your best life & give your goals 100 %",  my Best Life Community is for YOU!

What's included?​​

  • (1) Monthly group coaching session via Zoom during sessions each member will have a 1-on-1 discussion with Cameo to cover goal action plans, mindset strategies, and overall goals. ​

  • Bi-weekly goal accountability check-ins. 

  • Marketing & Branding masterclasses.

  • Private What's App Group

  • The Best Life Formula Book and Workbook.

There will be a total number of 16 entrepreneurs in the community.



This community is for 

Existing or New Entrepreneurs


  • Who are ready to:

    • ​Create goal action plans to take their business goals to the next level.

    • Desire accountability, think partners and a community for support during the entrepreneurship journey. 

    • Learn and grow their marketing and branding strategies to increase exposure and revenue.

    • Take the necessary mindset shifts needed to see their business goals achieved. 
    • Show-up in the world however is needed in order for their business to grow. For example: social media, email marketing, cold calls, public speaking, networking etc. 

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There are only 10 spots remaining! 

Prior to your first session, Cameo schedule a 1-on-1 session with you to discuss next steps. 

The membership is intended to be a continued experience but if for some reason you would not like to continue.

You may cancel the membership at anytime. 

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U4U Fitness Inc.


Cameo's Goal Coaching helped me so much!  I have trouble focusing my thoughts and finding a starting point, her goal formula and coaching helped me to take what I wanted to do, organize it, and get started.  Now I own my own online fitness and wellness company and I reached my fitness and business goals!


Dj Dahwu


Cameo’s goal setting coaching is phenomenal! She has a well-thought out and organized approach that will help you set goals and take the necessary steps to reach those goals. I encourage anyone looking to accomplish big or

small things!

After my session with Cameo, I walked away feeling empowered and excited to work toward goals that are paramount in my life.  Signup for a session if you need a reminder and game plan for working toward

the best version of yourself.

C. Johnson

My Goal Setting Strategy Session experience was amazing!! Cameo critiqued each attendee individually and gave us steps to accomplish our goals. It was also a great opportunity to network.

I will definitely attend another workshop!!!

Workshop Attendee

The Goal Coaching has been very helpful to me in my personal goals and business goals.   If you have specific goals that would like to to reach Cameo has the skill set to help you achieve them.


Nursing School Student

Cameo is well knowledgeable about setting goals and empowering

others.  She has a deep compassion

to help others achieve their goals.

Phyllis Dean, CEO

Special Needs Daycare

Cameo is very career driven and knowledgeable.  She can help you reach specific goals by directing you to all the right resources.

Kwana Barnett, CEO