Free live goal setting workshop on June 12, 2021 at 11 am CST

FREE Goal Crush Workshop: 

How to Set BIG goals, see results every 90 days & live your best life!

Let's Goal Crush together, at my goal setting workshop on June 12th. I'll share my goal setting strategies, answer questions & help you push to your next level!  

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Workshop Led by Cameo Bobo:

Expert Goal Coach 

Cameo is dedicated to helping people give themselves and their goals 100% so they see results and live their best lives. 

In this free goal setting workshop, Cameo will provide a transformational, easy-to-implement blueprint to help you set BIG goals and see results every 90 days!


After the workshop attendees will be empowered, and equipped to crush their goals, no matter their age, setbacks, or life  circumstances.