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I want to work with you! 

Goal  Crush  

Ready to 

Cameo Bobo - Goal Coach

Let's goal crush together!

Goal  Crush  

Ready to 

"Goal Crush" a 90-day program to help you set BIG goals & see results every 90 days! You'll feel empowered & equipped to

live your best life!

Do you have

BIG goals

and need

an action plan to achieve them?

Ready to replace overwhelm and frustration with balance and focus

Want to see

consistent gains

in your goals over the next 90 days?

This program is for you!

Feel like work & family  responsibilities distract you from your goals

Believe it's possible to reach your goals but you lack accountability and support

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Program details

The program will help you:

  • VISUALIZE your goals & get clear about what you desire. 

  • WRITE, PRIORTIZE and ORGANIZE your goals to see results in 90 days. 

  • Create 90-day ACTION PLANS to reach your goals.

  • Utilize STRATEGIES and TOOLS to keep you on track with your goals.


Plus Cameo will keep you ACCOUNTABLE & you'll have access to the Best Life Community a SUPPORTORTIVE group of a like-minded women. 

This is a 90-day program (12 sessions):

  • Session 1: It's in YOU!

  • Session 2: You have the Power (How to use your imagination to achieve goals) 

  • Session 3:  What's stopping you? (How to overcome goal blockers)

  • Session 4: Let's Go (I've shifted my mindset, now what?)

  • Session 5: Goal Setting

  • Session 6: Goal Setting

  • Session 7: The I.F.C.T. Rule

  • Session 8: Why people remain hesitant

  • Session 9: Write Your Goal Action Plans 

  • Session 10: Accountability via Best Life Babes Membership

  • Session 11: Accountability via Best Life Babes Membership

  • Session 12: Session Ten: Accountability via Best Life Babes Membership

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What happens after you apply?

Once your application is submitted and approved, Cameo will contact you to set up a private call! ​ During that call, she will ask questions to determine if you're a good fit for the program, and if so, she'll invite you to join the program!

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What's the investment?

$3000 -
90 day program includes (12) sessions
payment plans available



Antoinette, U4UFitness Inc.

Cameo's Private and Group Goal Coaching has helped me so much!  I have trouble focusing my thoughts and finding a starting point. She helped me clarify my goal, organize my thoughts and then helped me create an action plan to achieve my goal of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. Now I own my own online fitness and wellness company and I reached my fitness and business goals and I'm setting more goals!

My Goal Setting Strategy experience was amazing!! Cameo critiqued each attendee individually and gave us steps to accomplish our goals. It was also a great opportunity to network.

I will definitely attend another program!!!

Program Attendee

The Goal Coaching has been very helpful to me in my personal goals and business goals.   If you have specific goals that would like to to reach Cameo has the skill set to help you achieve them.


Nursing School Student

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