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Jackson native helping others achieve goals through book

Brandon Shields

Jackson Sun

“It’s a simple formula that has worked for me in everything that I’ve been able to try and eventually accomplish,” Bobo said. “And it’s worked well enough that I started a website and a program to help others achieve their goals at It starts with setting a vision for what you want to do – something that you actually do that’s specific,” Bobo said. “And it’s a six-step process that I take the reader through just like I take anyone through who goes through the program.”

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The power to effectively help people in life is a power very few have. Cameo Bobo is one of those people and she is right here in Nashville.
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I SHINE MAGAZINE Feature - October 2021


Meet Cameo Bobo, CEO of I Am Cameo and F.A.W.M Founder. If you’re curious, F.A.W.M. stands for "Fearfully And Wonderfully Made,” a true testament to Cameo’s personality and the business she’s built. I remember the very first time I met Cameo Bobo, she attended a series of social media workshops with Lauren Toews and I. It was small group, which allowed for more interaction. The series was six weeks if I recall, and I remember thinking one thing before each session. “I hope Cameo can join us this week!” Continue reading...

Cameo Bobo, featured on Red Wine Conversations with KO.