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Hosted by Cameo Bobo, Wish My Life Was Perfect As My Outfit talk show helps viewers create lives that are perfect as their outfits.


Episodes premiere monthly!


Guest Takisha Brommel 

Episode One

Guest Takisha Brommel 

Cameo sit downs with guest Takisha to discuss divorce, confidence, fashion, social media addiction and more!

Episode Two

Guest Porsha Hensley

Cameo sits down with Porsha to talk depression, confidence, life balance, twerking and more!

Episode Three

Guest Karrisa Walker

Cameo sits down with guest Karrisa Walker to discuss singleness, bullying, self-love, beauty, relationships, being engaged and more!

Episode Four

Guest Antoinette Stout

Cameo sits down with guest Antoinette Stout to discuss racial bullying, self-love, goals, fitness, & exercises to help you build a bigger butt!

Episode Five

Guest Lovely Lancaster Gatlin

Cameo sits down with guest Karrisa Walker to discuss financial literacy, dating in the 2021, building a business empire and more!

Cameo Bobo 


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Wish My Life Was Perfect As My Outfit Talk Show hosted by Cameo Bobo. Features guests who have created a life that is perfect as their outfit despite life's set backs, distractions, hurts etc. Not saying that everything is "perfect" in the lives of featured guests but guests have created a life in which they continue to evolve, achieve goals and are overall happy with the direction of their life. 


The show began filming in 2020 and is mostly filmed in Nashville, TN or surrounding counties.

All shows are filmed in person.

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