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14 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert

  • Professional headshots - At least one professional headshot is needed.

  • Website - A Professional website that is easy to navigate and meets the needs of your business. Your website should include: Your Photo, Bio, Services, Good Product Photos, Contact Info and any other relevant information for your business.

  • Google my business page -This helps your business to be show up easier in Google Searches

  • Business social pages

  • Business email - Purchase a business email to match your website.

  • Have a well written bio that bring out your "Red Apple" your achievements

  • Media kit

  • Video footage of you providing services

  • Testimonials and/or reviews

  • Have a clear personal mission statement or understanding of your life purpose - This is important. This will keep you grounded and moving forward to your goals.

  • Have a great self-introduction - Develop and practice your self-introduction so that when people ask, "What do you do?" You answer confidently.

  • Host or coordinate an event. Youth panel, conference, virtual summit etc. Organize the event by yourself or with a team.

  • Get media coverage: magazines, news features, blog write up etc.

  • Lastly, work on your craft and develop it in your own unique way. Be the best provider on your service or product. Also develop your mindset and set goals in all areas of your life to ensure you live a fulfilling life while helping others.

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