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🔑11 Things that will Take your Life to New Levels

  1. Discover God’s purpose for your life.

  2. Make a decision to give yourself and your goals 100%.

  3. Decide to heal from strongholds and trauma.

  4. Gain knowledge of the Bible & how to apply it to your life.

  5. Gain knowledge on the human mind and how to make your mind work for you.

  6. Speak out of your mouth only what you want to happen.

  7. Trust Gods timing and practice patience.

  8. Educate yourself on what you desire to do or become. Then take daily steps towards your desired end.

  9. Never give up.

  10. Except that your desires may change or evolve. You’ll become many things and that’s okay.

  11. Watch your relationships. It’s not your job to save anyone. That is Jesus’s job. Offer help, but if notice you that you’re getting off track or feeling ways you shouldn’t remove yourself from that relationship.

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