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Blog Subject Lines - Email Marketing

The email subject line is used to catch your audiences attention and can ultimately lead to sales. Here is a list of subject lines for your use!

*General Practice: A business should send an average of 4 monthly emails to their list.

General Subject Lines

  1. Let's make magic happen this month

  2. If you're anything today, be THIS

  3. You there? Let me know you’re ok...

  4. We need to talk.

  5. Pull up a chair

  6. The question you want answered...

  7. Do you want to join me for this?

  8. Turn me on.

  9. Make this epic mindset move today

  10. Tomorrow ain't coming.

  11. What are you waiting for?

  12. Have you ever thought about this?

  13. How to bounce back no matter what life throws at you

  14. I want your opinion on something.

  15. Start (insert month) right by doing this!

  16. This email will divide people.

  17. Meet me halfway.

  18. My secret is out.

  19. Answer me these 2 things

  20. Please take this seriously

Sales or Offers

  1. LAST CHANCE to unlock (insert product/service) for $(insert price)

  2. HAPPY (insert holiday)! Here’s something for you...

  3. The word is out...

  4. Your FINAL CHANCE to access (insert offer/product)...

  5. [Special Invitation] Let’s link up tonight!

  6. I have something for you.

  7. [Today Only] Get (insert offer/product)

  8. Bunndddlleeeee!

  9. I'm pregnant

  10. I'm getting married

  11. Something NEW!

  12. Final HOURS! Sale Ends TONIGHT!

  13. Juuust Kidding😉SALE EXTENDED‼️

  14. New pieces are here to SLAY!

  15. Heartthrob alert, t-shirts on sale!

  16. You won’t wanna let these go!

  17. Stunning looks. Ready to show off?


  19. It’s time to give your wardrobe some TLC

  20. NEW looks good on you!

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Unknown member
Jan 26, 2022

Love this! Will be implementing in February!!!

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