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How to sell products WITHOUT spending a dime upfront!

No matter your business, always have some type of physical product to sale!

T-shirt, coffee mag, journal, bookbag...just something.

Here's how you get started for absolutely FREE!

There are many companies out there that will actually make, package and add your branding, ship AND provide tracking for your customers! Plus replace any irregular or broken items.

AND you don’t have to pay for anything up front to set-up! You only pay when you receive an order.

These are print factories already have shirts, mugs etc. in stock, and when your customer orders the shirt, they print it for you and ship it off for you directly to your customer.

❌You don’t have to order tons of shirts and keep them in stock

❌You don’t have to ship them off

❌You don’t even have to deal with customer service

❌You don't have to screen print or vinyl transfers

So where do find these companies /

There are lots out there but one I personally use for my store is called "Printful"

If you go to you’ll quickly get excited by all the awesome things you can sell to your customers!


✅Coffee mugs

✅Winter hats


✅Phone cases!

✅Face masks



You can even sell customized





✅Pet beds (I love this one lol)

✅And even kid’s clothes!

This is a great option since it requires absolutely no investment up front and you can easily make some extra cash without a lot of hassle.

So go ahead and check out and check out all the amazing options for yourself and get to selling!

Want to learn how to set-up your first store? Just reply below or send me a message. I'd be happy to do a webinar or course on the topic if there is interest! :)

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Feb 14, 2022

This is an awesome tip, thank you!

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