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Strategies for How to Build an Email List

If you're looking for ways to grow your business exposure, influence, profit and your tribe, seriously consider building an email and/or text club list.

Emailing your list can help you convert interested potential buyers into paying customers and encourage repeat purchases from current customers. It also keeps your customers up to date on your business and your business at the top of their minds.

Review the below list of ideas for how to build an email list and identify the options that will work best for your business.

What is an email list?

An email list is an electronic mailing list with contacts that typically consist of customers and potential leads. The list includes the email addresses and sometimes also names of individuals who have given you permission to send you updates and promotions related to your business.

What is an text club list?

A list of your customers or potential cell phones numbers used to send company announcements, coupons and codes.

How to build an email list (the highlighted items are ones I've personally used to build my list)

Add a call to action to blog posts and social media posts

If your company has a blog, you should add individual calls-to-action for each blog post. You could create a relevant checklist, e-book or article that your readers can receive after opting-in to your email list.

Use a physical sign-up sheet or electronic sign-up at in person events

If you have a physical store or promote your business at community events, consider putting out a physical sign-up sheet or collecting emails on an iPad to receive special offers, a drawing and information.

Add a pop-up to your website

Pop-ups can be a highly effective method for encouraging website visitors to join your email list.

Add a link to your email signature

Add a line to your email signature that says, "Get my updates, discounts and more!" and connect the link that takes the person directly to your subscriber signup.

Organize a giveaway

You could organize a giveaway online or within your own physical location.

Collaborate with relevant businesses

Consider reaching out to businesses with complimentary products and services and offering to collaborate. You could organize a joint giveaway or even just offer them space in your own newsletter in exchange for a link in theirs.

Host your own event, seminar or webinar

Position yourself as an authority figure in your industry and generate email addresses by hosting a seminar, event or online webinar. Both types of events give you the opportunity to offer value to your audience while also building your email list.

Add QR codes to marketing materials

Consider adding QR codes to print marketing materials. Create a QR code that requires the viewer to enter their email address in exchange for the content, coupon etc.

Promote an event

If you host events where people purchase tickets or register in advance, you may want to consider adding a checkbox to your form asking people to subscribe to your email list.

Encourage visitors to sign up from their phones

Make it easy for customers to subscribe to your email list and text club from their mobile device.

Collect using guests Wifi (works best for physical locations)

If free Wifi is available at your physical location, consider requiring guests to submit their email address in order to access it.

Collect emails at speaking engagements

Speaking engagements are a highly effective way to establish yourself as an expert, while also promoting your products and services. Encourage your audience to join your text club or leave their email address for the chance to win a prize. You can display this information on one of your slides during your presentation.

Add a chat box to your website

As an alternative to a pop-up box on your website, you may want to consider adding a chat box. Chat with your customers and ask for their name and email address.

Encourage employees to collect email addresses (Works for in person event or locations)

Encourage your employees to gather email addresses when talking to customers. Remember to have them ask for the individual's consent before adding them to the list.

Contact People on their Birthdays

Each day on Facebook, an alert goes out listing the birthdays for that day and the day before. Review the list and wish each person a happy birthday on their feed. Then inbox that person another personal birthday wish and coupon code for a purchase on your website.

Build an online community (FB Group, Clubhouse etc.)

Foster a strong relationship between your business and its customers by creating a community on social media, where you can offer support and useful information your audience will find valuable. Encourage people to sign up for your email list to get more information and relevant tips.

Offer a free trial

If you have an online service, consider offering visitors a free trial in exchange for their email address. After they register for a trial, send them a series of emails explaining the value of the service and encouraging them to become a paid customer.

Ask for emails (Works for in-person events or physical locations)

Get in the habit of asking customers whether they want to subscribe to your email list at checkout. Train your employees to do the same.

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